Hello, my dear!

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Alla, and I am a skilled nail artist with a passion for the beauty of nails! In 2023, my life took a new turn, and I moved from Moscow to Florida.

My journey into the world of manicure began at the captivating Beauty Academy, where I trained under the guidance of renowned masters from Russia and Europe. There, I not only gained knowledge but also discovered my calling. My practice in Moscow was filled with exciting projects and collaboration with talented colleagues.

Now, I am ready to share my experience and creativity with you, dear friends! Keep an eye on my work, as each nail is a little masterpiece.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey to beauty and style!

Price List
Full manicure / with polish

Removal of previous material, shaping the free edge, combined hardware manicure using unique Russian technology, alignment of the structure of the nail plate and application of one-color UV gel polish. A great choice if you don't need design.

time 1 h 30 min
short nails 70$
long nails 80$
Base Smart pedicure / no polish

Removal of previous material, dry foot treatment with Smart disc,shaping the free edge, combined hardware pedicure using unique Russian manicure technology, polishing the nail plate and applying care products.

40 min 90$
Full Smart pedicure / with polish

Removal of previous material, shaping the free edge, dry foot treatment with Smart disc, combined hardware pedicure using unique Russian technology, application of one-color UV gel polish and applying care products.

1h 30 min 100$
Classic nail modeling on the forms

Base nail modeling with one-color gel nail polish. The service includes the Russian manicure, care products application and one-color gel nail polish.

time from 2h
small nails 180$
long nails 200$
Full nail modeling with two-four-color gel nail polish

The service includes the Russian manicure, care products application and two-four -color gel nail polish or glitter

time from 2h 30 min
small nails 210$
long nails 220$
Maximum nail modeling with design

The service includes the Russian manicure, care products application and applying several colors of gel polish or applying glitter or "Slider", "Rubbing" designs "Stamping" "French", suitable for those who want to get the maximum number of colors or designs.

time from 3 h
small nails 230$
long nails 240$
French add 50$ for 10 nails
Additional services / manicure
Strengthening the nail plate with gel
time 30 min
short nail 30$
long nail 40$
Removal of previous material
time 20 min gel polish
short nail 20$
long nail acrylic 25$
Russian manicure

For several years now, “Russian manicure” has been the number one nail trend in Europe and the USA. Done according to all the rules, it really causes admiration: the main thing is to choose the right master who will definitely not make common mistakes and will turn your nails into a work of art.

Now among the fans of Russian manicure there are a large number of Hollywood stars: Rita Ora, Zendaya, Hailey Bieber, the entire Kardashian-Jenner family, Miranda Kerr and many others.

Smart pedicure

Most of us have come to know the standard pedicure which including the 30 minute soak with warm water and mildly uncomfortable massage chair.

However, did you know it’s safer to skip the water?
Water carries a lot of bacteria. As such, need gallons of disinfectants and detergents necessary to keep even the smallest tub of water free of bacteria, viruses, and fungi! With a dry pedicure, the technician uses discs and silver water spray to get a lot more dead skin off.

Efficiency. Thanks to the special SMART technology, it deeply cleanses the feet and prolongs the effect of the procedure. After the first session, our clients forget what cracks, dry rough skin and flaking are.


A sterile instrument is the key to the health of the client and the technician. The issue of safety is key in the work of a beauty salon and the main component of the master’s reputation.

Sterilization of manicure instruments in the salon includes 4 stages: disinfection, pre-sterilization cleaning, direct sterilization and storage of the sterile instrument.

Why do I use a Tuttnauer autoclave?

Quality Assurance: Tuttnauer's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of this autoclave.

Innovation in Sterilization: Autoclave keeps pace with the latest advances, ensuring our practice remains at the forefront of modern healthcare.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the Tuttnauer autoclave has become an indispensable ally in our workplace. It's more than just equipment; it is a symbol of our commitment to customer safety and relentless pursuit of excellence.